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About me

Hi! I'm Gabriel, I recently graduated with a Master degree in Computer Science from the Université de Bordeaux. I am very interested in art since my childhood. Growing up, I became fascinated in digital art, that is why my field of study is focused on Computer Graphics and Sound Processing. I love cycling 🚲, independent microbrewery 🍻, open source 💻 and all kind of music 🎺🎶.

Some projects...

keywords: AI / black-box / non-linear audio effect emulation / research { Python 3 / TensorFlow 2.3 }

Research internship within the SCRIME team, where I focused on current problems concerning analog audio effects emulation with artificial intelligence and more specifically with Recurrent Neural Networks. I aimed to reproduce the distortion of two tube amps : the Blackstar HT-1 and the Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 50.

You can take a look at the code here, download the report of the internship (in French) here and listen to some results with the links below :

keywords: VR / WebGL / Three.js / edtech { Javascript / Three.js }

Internship during which I built a WebGL application for virtual assembly of mechanical systems with Three.js. The goal of the application is to help the students to practice virtually concepts they have seen in class, for example how to assemble the parts of an airplane motor. The application needed to include a certain number of features such as transparency to look inside a complex system, 3D and sectional view, support of different languages, intuitive use, etc.

You can take a look at the code here.

keywords: Unity / C# / games / AR / music { Unity / C# / Leap Motion / Vuforia }

In the RV/AR course of my studies, I had to develop a game using Unity. Since I didn't know anything about this technology and I wanted to challenge myself by not following a tutorial on YouTube, I chose to base my game on what I'm good at : ambiance. The game is called Promenade In The Mountains. It allowed me to learn the basics of Unity like movements, animations, audio, scripting, camera follow, and so on. I composed the music during a game jam that gathered game, animation and sound, the Jamming Assembly. The music is inspired by the story of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

You can listen to the music of the game below :

Another experiment I did with Unity was to create a theremin using a Leap Motion Controller. The left hand controls the pitch and the right hand controls the volume. I added spots with colors changing depending on the frequency/volume played. See the capture below :

A simple but cool app made with Unity and Vuforia was to print a video on a canvas with tracking.

keywords: C++ / procedural generation / Voronoi diagram / Delaunay triangulation / Perlin noise { C++11 / glew / freeglut / glm }

During the first year of Master, we were asked with 3 other students to develop an application that responds to the needs of a client. Out client wanted an software that allows him to create random planets, save them and load them. The planets had to be realistic and configurable.

You can take a look at the code here.

Not limited list of random tools I use

> VSCodium
> Gitlab -- Gitlab CI/CD -- Github
> zsh / bash
> LaTeX
> Gimp
> Ableton Live
> Krita
> 5mm allen key

and more...

This website was coded with ecological concerns in mind.